Here are some personal projects, personal researches, projects I´ve donde during my master,
or collaborative work for companies or foundations.
Agritech robot in
FarmLab Rupit

Farmbot is a CNC agriculture robot that plants, waters, kills weed, takes pictures, and helps people to automatize plant growing process. Here you can see a little bit of the process of building it.

Plant Observatory of Weather Adaptability for Resilience.

POWAR is a DIY low-cost climate simulator for plant growing experimentation, under different climate conditions. It can simulate light, temperature and rain, by gathering information from a weather API.

How To Code Love?
Emotional Coding
Speculative Project

This is a personal speculative research project in which I try to define how to code feeling into a machine, translating some definitions people give about love into a code. If you would teach a machine how to love, how would you do it?

Visual Sound
Sense Translation.

Visual Sound is an almost useless machine, that transform sound into a visual dance of light projected into a fabric pushed by air, synchronized to the sound.

Bubble Printer
IoT - Repurposing damaged things.

This in an experiment of how to interconnect damaged stuff to make them do something else. In this case we turned a printer and a scanner into a bubble printer.

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